Kings Volunteer


Helping local partners deliver child friendly programs

We equip, enable and inspire local volunteers to bring learning to life and create an environment where children and young people can be active, have fun and learn together.

Drawing on 25 years experience of delivering activity programs for children and young people, we have developed an exciting resource (called the Base Pack) and training package that empowers local volunteers to integrate sport into any child focused program.

Having effective tools for evaluating the training we offer is essential for continuing to provide individuals with the knowledge and inspiration to enrich the lives of children.

Our gender neutral, multi-ability approach breaks down many of the traditional barriers that can prevent children from participating in and enjoying sport.

Hundreds of dedicated community volunteers and local partners are working with the Base Pack in really tough conditions, enriching the lives of thousands of children and young people each week – promoting their right to play, helping them to enjoy the benefits of sport and activity, and integrating health, education and Christian faith messages that are appropriate to their lives.

We are always looking for new ways to engage the children we serve more effectively and appropriately. The KV training inspired our staff and provided practical and fun ways to connect with children and enhance our existing programs.Dimuna Mwanza Moomba, Sponsorship Manager, World Vision Zambia